Yesterday was an interesting day. As a mature student, I’m trying to get the most out of university life so I applied for the Future Leaders programme which is a year long programme and will lead to a highly regarded management qualification. A great thing about UCLan is that any initiatives like this are not just aimed at the young uns, the over 40s are welcome to apply too.

My application was accepted and I was invited to a selection day, held at an army barracks. The location should have given me a clue that this wouldn’t be your typical interview! Plenty of physical and problem solving tasks, teamwork, and a bit of running too. Now I’m unfit, out of shape and middle-aged. I have never been able to run, not even as a kid.

I thoroughly enjoyed trying to solve the problems and I threw myself into the tasks with gusto, I couldn’t let the team down with my general lack of fitness. Unfortunately, my dodgy knee went crunch halfway through the morning and started to get quite painful. One of the lovely team members went out of her way to run with me (slowly!) so I didn’t feel quite so silly at the back. Thank you 🙂

I really know about it today. I’m aching in places where I didn’t even know that I had places. Ouch, ow .

I’ll hear later this week if I’ve been successful. Fingers crossed.